FTP Explorer Mobile

FTP Explorer Mobile 2007 2.1.0

FTP Explorer Mobile, by Orneta is a simple and easy to use FTP Client for Windows Mobile based devices. So powerful, you can transfer web sites, videos, music, applications, or even documents to your home or office, in the background while you spend your time more productively.

Elegant interface with a powerful design

FTP Explorer Mobile makes it simple to view the files on your Windows Mobile based device in style with support for multi-state icons.

No waiting for the entire folder to be displayed to work. Browse another folder, open a file, rename, cut, copy, paste, and work with your files at any time.

Powerful filters make navigation a breeze

Only view the files you are interested in, FTP Explorer Mobile makes it possible to easily view only certain files.

If you are looking for text files, the screen wont be filled up with all of the other files on your device, only the text files will display.

Display Filters are a very powerful feature a few button presses away.

Simple and elegant one-handed operation

Cut and Paste files between your device and a server, with a just a few simple button presses.

Switching between your device and the server is as easy as pressing the left soft key button.

Theme, Resolution, and Orientation Aware; Future proof

FTP Explorer Mobile has been designed to integrate with Windows Mobile in every way.

The interface automatically adapts to the current theme colors, works on any resolution device from 176x220 to VGA and above, and automatically detects the screen orientation, supporting virtually any released or future Windows Mobile device.

FTP Explorer Mobile


FTP Explorer Mobile 2007 2.1.0

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